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LadyBug 1500 Soft LED 3-Light kit1500 watt 3-point lighting kit with boom, dimmers, barn-doors and travel case!

LadyBug 1500 Soft LED 3-Light kit1500 watt 3-point lighting kit with boom, dimmers, barn-doors and travel case!

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This stylish, compact Soft LED light kit is perfect for working in small spaces as it produces quality light and very little heat compared to standard photofloods. No need for an umbrella or other diffusing light modifier due to the built in diffuser that produces wonderful, soft light. The LadyBug is perfect for portraits, interviews or product photography.

With a high CRI of 95, this LED light source renders accurate color. The included 4-way barn doors can be mounted in the standard 90 degree position or in a 45 degree position allowing not only for additional control over light spill but also for creative lighting effects. The brightness can be easily controlled by the dimmer switch. Durable yet light weight!

One of the secrets to great lighting is the 3-point lighting technique used by all the pro’s:  Key Light, Fill Light and Back Light:

  1. Use a strong “key” light, predominantly lighting one side of your subjects face/body (left, right, it doesn’t matter)

    Without Rim Light (left) | With Rim Light (right)

  2. Then, on the other side place a dimmed-down “fill” light  (1/2 to 1/3 as much light) achieving the infamous 3:1 lighting ratio on their face
  3. And behind your subject, a couple feet above their head (on the boom), a  “rim” or “back” light is set at low power in back of your subject. Use this to outline your subjects head/body with light, creating separation from the background –one of the most important pro-lighting techniques, and can seriously increase the quality of your image ten-fold!

This LadyBug 1500 LED 3-Light kit will give you all the power and control you need to deliver the highest-quality, studio-lighting that all the pro’s have.

LED Light Source Power Comsumption (Watts): 65 Incandescent Equivalent (Watts): 500 Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95 Color Temperature (K): 5600 Estimated LED Life (hrs): 50,000 Adjustable Power (%): 10 to 100 Light Source (LED Count): 130 Operating Power (AC Voltage): 110-120 Mount: 5/8in Receiver Size: 6.3/8in Diameter Light Stand: Size: 6.25 ft Boom Stand: Size: 7.0 ft Boom Arm: Size: 70in
• High Efficiency 95 CRI LEDs • 130 LEDs in Each Light • Each 65 Watt LED Light Produces the Equivalent of 500 Watts of Light • 5600K Daylight Color Temperature • Dimming Controller • Removable Barn Doors
  • (3) Fully-dimmable LadyBug 65W LED lights (equivalent to 1500 watts of power)
  • (3) Removable 4-way Barn Doors
  • (3) U-Shaped Yokes with 5/8in Standard Mount
  • (3) 100% Dimmer, on/off Switch
  • (2) 6.25ft pro-quality Spring-Cushioned Light Stands
  • (1) 7ft pro-quality, Air Cushioned Boom Stand
  • (1) 27-70in Extending Boom Arm for infinite placement
  • (1) 30in Deluxe Padded Case with Pull-Out Handle and Wheels
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