Cool-Lux CL1000 Pro LED Softlight Kit

Cool-Lux CL1000 Pro LED Softlight Kit

Retail Price: $719.00 - $739.00
You save up to 100%


  • 5,600K Daylight balanced/Tungsten 3200K speed-gel/filter available.
  • Industry high CRI >95 rating
  • 12,500 Lux/1200 fc @ 3′
  • 50,000 Hour LED life
  • 1,000W hot light equivalent
  • Low 60W power consumption
  • Includes yoke, stand, barn doors, power supply and carrying case
  • Dims 100% to 0%
  • LED lens protector
  • 100-240VAC or 12V DC power
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty

The CL1000 PRO Studio LED Panel Series is designed for professional video, broadcast and still applications. Featuring a high CRI >96.1 (R9 97, TLCI:95, Flicker: .0021).   For broadcast quality, this means the entire spectrum has to be near perfect.  Most other lights fall short in the red and blue spectrum (R9, and R12) not Cool-Lux.   Because of this, the CL1000 provides for precise color rendering and pleasing flesh tones that only the pros get. Cool-Lux PRO Studio LED Panel lights offer extremely high light output. Light intensity can be adjusted without color shifting from 100-0% via a rear-panel dial.

The CL1000 Series measures 16.0″ x 15.75″ x 3.0″. Beam angle is 30°  . The CL1000 is powered by a standard AC wall plug with pro XLR connector that wont fall out and your choice of battery mount: V-Mount Battery, Gold Mount Battery, or Sony NP Batteries. Optional barn doors help contour and provide directional control of beam angle.

Along with silent, flicker-free operation, each CL1000 is built with a heavy duty aluminum frame and chassis to withstand the rigors of day-to-day operation both in the studio and on location. The rugged aluminum yoke has a 5/8″ adapter that can be used on conventional light stands or overhead mounts.

Post-purchase benefits include reduced operating costs thanks to cool running LEDs that require far less air-conditioning in the studio, virtually no maintenance, and with a 50,000 hour life, no re-lamping and downtime. Because the CL1000 operates on very low power consumption (60W), return on investment and payback is short.

Included with the individual light are the yoke, stand, barn doors, power supply and a heavy duty nylon carrying case with a shoulder strap.

The CL1000’s 100-240VAC power supply means you can use it anywhere in the world. Included with the light is a yoke and power supply, a protective lens cover and a heavy duty nylon carrying case with a shoulder strap.

All Cool-Lux LED Panel lights are tested using the strictest standards and come with a three-year limited warranty assuring the highest quality lighting system at the best possible price.

Optional CTO filter/gels (speed-gels) are available for tungsten, and soft diffusion.  They are rigid, optical-quality plastic diffuser panels that slide into the 2 channels in front of the light.

We offer an optional Sony NP adapter for users without the Sony V-Mount.



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