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Work From Home

Want to look better than average on a video conference, Skype, Slack, FaceTime, FB Messenger?   Smith-Victors got you covered–with studio quality light.  Increasing the amount of light on your face will dramatically improve your video cameras performance.  Even the smallest laptop video cameras can perform exceptionally  with the right amount of light.

Interested?  OK, lets start in your ‘home-office’.   You’ll want at least 2 lights to provide smooth and diffused light with fully adjustable output for full control of shadows on your face.  Adjust the lighting output and/or color for a flattering image like they do in the movies, or flatten our your face with even light on both sides for that clean newsroom/boardroom look.  Pro tip:  A third light behind you would add a very professional edge around your head and shoulders separating you nicely from the background.

Our desktop light-stand is a good place to start.  Lets get 1 or 2 of these.  They’ll fit on your desk because the flat base takes up no vertical space.  If you’d prefer floor-standing light-stands click here.

Tabletop Light Stand:  Pick 1 or 2 of these:

Then pick out 1 or 2 of these lights:

Add a microphone that clamps right in the center of the BiColor LED cold shoe — even go wireless:

And here’s some more of our work-at-home options that you may want to consider: