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Fluorescent Lighting

  • Soft, Even Light for ideal skin tones and textural details
  • Works well for Video or Stills (or both at the same time)
  • Little to no heat
  • You see what you get
  • Energy-saving lamps with long life expectancy
  • A more directional light can be achieved by attaching the accessory grid.
  • Built-in and remote dimmers

A very interesting choice when it comes to studio lighting. Fluorescent lights will provide you with soft even illumination, and you won’t be concerned about heat: fluorescents are cool to the touch. In terms of still photography and video.  When it comes to flash, you’ve got to wait for a recharge, and with a lot of the newer 'cheap' flash kits you may have to wait a while.  And most of the time, you wont be able to shoot video and flash photography at the same time. Here's a big advantage of Fluorescent.  When you’re working with a model or any moving human beings, the ability to shoot continuously without waiting for your flash to recycle brings a huge creative advantage: you keep shooting and don’t miss any of the creative nuances that present themselves. You see what you get and you're completely untethered. Then you shoot without thinking about the distracting flash and/or the recycling times. You work directly and closely with your subject, creating a greater connection and that’s when the best pictures are made.