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Lou Rocks Her Hotel Room by Robert Downs

Lou Rocks Her Hotel Room by Robert Downs


MODEL: Lou Block/ instagram: @LOU_ BLOCK_OFFICIAL
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California
SUBJECT: Lou Rocks Her Hotel Room
DATE: 1/30/2021
GEAR: Smith-Victor Spectrum 50 Pro, Smith-Victor Cine-Flood and Smith-Victor 17″ LED Ring light

As a working rock music photographer, I call a lot of hotel rooms “home” -well, at least for one night. With COVID 19 in full swing, I have been off the road for a full year and so have all the great bands I get to work with.

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but Lou and I wanted to create a shoot that would remind us all that touring music shall return and all our musician friends will be back to their motel room antics before you can say “Led Zepplin”.


To get the vibe I wanted for this shoot (a very 1970’s feel) I chose a few lights from the Smith-Victor LED lineup.    The main reason I chose a Smith Victor Cine Flood for my key light is control. Whether you are using a lightbox, reflector, or one of Smith-Victor’s many light modifiers with this unit, you can dial up any output you like and the unit remains cool.   It’s just that easy.

We were going for hard contrast and edge with these shots so I used this unit with no diffusion set directly 90 degrees (if not more) behind Lou. I then asked Lou to turn her head so the light would wrap her face as she played guitar in a more forward position.


The green background is being provided by just one of the many colors you can find in the Spectrum 50 LED. That’s Right! no more forgetting your gels or messy tape jobs on reflectors. In this shot, I just blasted the light on full from behind to fill the room.


The portraits were shot, again with no diffusion, the Cine Flood 1500 set off to the left side of Lou. The results were two-fold. Our color images looked strong and “jumpy”, but when we converted them to black and white it was 1972 again and The Stones were in the room next door…

Using these two lights together packs up light and gives you a highly creative setup you can literally take anywhere.


If you are looking for lights that offer complete control, multiple modifiers that are light and won’t heat up, look no further than Smith-Victor LED’s




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