Photo and video lighting is just one side of the Smith-Victor story. An important part of our business here at Smith-Victor is the manufacture of quality components and custom products for other businesses.


Smith-Victor produces top-quality ceramic lampholders for high- and low-voltage quartz-halogen lamps. We make all our ceramic sockets to our customers’ specifications, including custom lead lengths, wire types, terminals, and baffles. We specialize in expedited delivery of any quantity, large or small. Our responsiveness to our customers’ requirements makes us the choice for lighting manufacturers and replacement parts manufacturers nation-wide. We are also licensed manufacturers for GE’s “Twist-and-Lock” sockets.

Pictured here is just a sampling of our capabilities. Call us with your lampholder needs!


With this product, we’ve harnessed the heating power of quartz lamps and put it to work as a utility torch with lighting built-in. This multi-purpose tool is carried by tool distributors, marine supply outlets and automotive supply houses. It’s great for heating and stripping paint and varnish, as well as softening glues and seals to remove tile, vinyl car roofs, and gaskets, and without all the moving air created by a hot air gun. Plumbers find it a handy tool in tight spaces to eliminate the need to squeeze in a utility light along with a torch, and it’s useful in sweating pipes as well as thawing frozen pipes. Marinas and boat-owners find hundreds of uses for Torchlamp, and homeowners use them for tasks as diverse as burning weeds out from cracks in the driveway to heating and bending materials for craft projects. Contact us for the Torchlamp dealer nearest you – or to become a Torchlamp dealer!

Custom Manufacturing

Like the “look” of photographic lighting? So do commercial designers, interior decorators and retail window dressers. We can create a lighting set-up to create the style you want to present for your commercial or trade show display.

For lighting demonstrations, nothing beats our portable lighting kits. Our lighting is popular for hair and make-up demonstrations or any kind of teaching situation where focused lighting can help deliver the message. We can put together a package for your organization that’s perfect for your sales teams or a promotional project.

For companies that produce photographic products, we can develop customized lighting to complement it. Through the years we have developed lighting kits for sale with Kodak, Polaroid and Sears cameras, as well as supplying lighting set-ups to be bundled with ID camera systems and copy stands. Think of Smith-Victor first for any imaging lighting needs. And our stands and tripods are adaptable to a variety of applications too, with the addition of custom-designed and made mounts.

With years of experience and complete manufacturing facilities, Smith-Victor may be just the supplier for your company’s next new product or component.