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Smith-Victor is a company with a long history, wrapped up in the history of the United States from the late 19th century and all through the changes of the 20th century. Our history also intertwines with the development of photography and all the changes in technology that took it from the earliest silver emulsions and flash powder into motion pictures, video and now digital imaging.

In 2004 Smith-Victor moved to a brand new 96,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Bartlett, Illinois, about 20 miles northwest of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. In this facility we design, engineer and manufacture the Smith-Victor product line. The facility also houses all sales, administrative and warehousing operations.

Smith-Victor photo and video products are sold primarily through retailers throughout the United States, Canada and in some parts of Mexico and Central and South America. Our dealers include independent brick-and-mortar camera stores (some of which have carried the Smith-Victor brand for decades), on-line retailers, and the catalog sales and chain-store giants.

In December of 2005, Smith-Victor acquired Logan Electric Specialty Manufacturing Company, a maker of slide files and sorters, graphic art light boxes, and artist’s easels. The Logan Electric product line has been integrated into the Smith-Victor brand of products.

Smith-Victor Corp. also manufactures a quality line of Lampholders for lighting manufacturers. These miniature ceramic sockets are used primarily for the dichroic lamps popular for retail and commercial display lighting. We make our lampholders to order to our customers' specifications, and our lampholders are used as components by the largest and finest lighting manufacturers in the country.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities are also put to work manufacturing components for other companies and in other industries. Smith-Victor-produced parts are used in the building trades, the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, photographic and display lighting fixtures, test equipment and a computer chip manufacturer—just to name a few! We welcome the opportunity to quote on OEM manufacture for any company that may have a component they would like us to produce.

Marine and automotive enthusiasts may recognize the Smith-Victor "Torchlamp" brand. Torchlamp is a handy tool that provides heat-and-light in one, saving the space an extra light would require, and without the air movement of a typical heat gun. It's used for stripping paint, loosening seals, thawing pipes - and 101 other utility uses. The Torchlamp is distributed by tool, marine supply and automotive distributors.

Our catalog line for the photo, video and audio-visual markets has always had as its predominant focus lighting and lighting accessories, but it includes a wide assortment of other helpful accessories as well, such as camera tripods and shooting tables. All the products we sell are backed by our customer service, our warranty and our reputation.

Supporting the photo industry at large, Smith-Victor has always been a member of the national photo trade associations. James H. Smith, the company's founder, was Secretary of the Photographic Merchants Association back in 1887, and in the 1960's his grandson, Ronald H. Smith, was President of the National Association of Photographic Manufacturers. Smith-Victor Corporation is a long-time member of the Photo Marketing Association.

Today, Smith-Victor is prospering as part of the Promark International family of brands, which includes Photogenic Professional Lighting (, Norman ( and Cool-Lux (

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